CJ #79 Friday June 21st

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CJ #79 Friday June 21st

Postby Dave Wilshere » Tue May 28, 2019 5:23 pm

CJ #79will take place at Abingdon airfield on Friday 21st June, 2019.


Pre-entry required. To make it easier to register and pay, I'll accept payment by BACS transfer and emailed entry forms. Details on Entry Form below and please note that if you are paying this way, I will need you to scan/email me a copy of your 2019 BMFA/SAA membership card showing your BMFA/SAA achievement ratings (if you haven't sent it/shown it to me already).

As usual, the event will be fly for fun for jet models only (no pulse jets, prop jobs or helicopters). Food will be provided - bacon sandwiches up till about 1030, Big Bockwurst hot doggy, a doggy bag with piece of fruit, crisps, chocolate bar & flapjack for lunch, and tea, coffee, squash and sweeties will be on tap and available for free all day. There will be a portaloo on site. Anybody with special dietary requirements (eg., coeliac, veggie, vegan, diabetic, religious, etc) should let me know and I'll do my best to provide food of their choice.Please be advised that I cannot guarantee that the meat provided is Halal prepared.If you have any food allergens, let me know so that I can advise ingredients of food provided.

Pilots must be current BMFA members and B certificate (or SAA equivalent) holders (including both pilots if a buddy-box system is in use)...no BMFA = no flying. Any foreign pilots wishing to fly should not send money but contact me ASAP and I will sort out their insurance.

Models weighing over 20Kg and subject to the LMA Large Model Scheme certification are to be made known to Dick Spreadbury...certificates will be required as proof of scheme compliance before the model(s) fly...IT IS THE PILOT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE THE EVENT ORGANISER AWARE OF ANY OVER 20KG MODELS. All models will be scrutinised and flying will take place from 1000 through until 1730. There are normally LMA Scheme Flying Witnesses available if required on the day.

The entry form follows and I need to receive your response by no later than COP 17th June, 2019.

Entry numbers, Pilot's Rules and map will be emailed back by return as entries are received. Entry fees are: Pilots £25, Pit Crew/Helpers £18 (£30 and £25 after 17th June, the difference going to Star Centre Respite Charity).

As usual, I am funding a gate guard to check everybody entering the event, so it'll be a case of no gate pass number on the day, no entry –why should you pay for someone else’s day out?! .

NOTE: There will be no dedicated Tx control at the event for 35 mHz users.. However, so that we can minimise the risk of a 35 mHz frequency clash, there is an extra bit on the entry form which pilots intending using 35 mHz are to state the frequency number(s) they will be using, and the models they'll be used on. I will then collate the info and make all 35 mHz users aware of each other and the frequency number(s) they are using.


Dick Spreadbury

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