Popham Show May 8-9

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Popham Show May 8-9

Postby Ian Burridge » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:41 pm

As promised here is information (so far ) ref the Popham model flying event next year May 8-9 th . We (Southern AreaBMFA ) have had 2 meetings to date with the management at Popham Airfield reference establishing an annual model flying event here in the South. Popham are very keen to promote this event and have undertaken financial support to provide necessary facilities to cover this 2 day event . The site has facilities to cover camping , toilets , canteen , plus rooms for event administration . We have viewed the facilities and i can advise that there is ample room for car parking , swap meet , model storage inside a large marque , static model show and a second marque for indoor flying in the evening - social events . The draft financial package includes security - fire cover - showers - buggy hire for movement around the site - skip hire etc . The model flying will take place on the main runway designated 2103 (this is NOT the runway paralllel with the road ) , this runway can easily establish 3 flight lines if necessary such is the length of the strip. The surrounding area is fields with no houses to be seen so visibility is excellent providing clear vision for takeoff and landing. This strip is grass covered but is in excellent condition and i can see no reason not to accept turbines - large scale models ect . A space has also been allocated for control line models so all model forms will be welcome . Currently the focus is on establishing interest among local clubs and pilots interested in supporting this event , hopefully by end October we will be able to assess the level of support and if adequate progress to stage 2 and detail planning . It is also planned to encourage a good trade support at this show thereby increasing its appeal to local club members .As i have said before the aim is to establish an annual model flying event at Popham , an event which it is hoped will become a fixture for many years to come .
Ref our conversation last evening would you please review if the classic jets group would be interested in supporting this event . We have lost to many model show events down South and this is an opportunity to develop a new event at a site that is very keen to establish an annual model show and support our Sport. We can arrange a visit to the site if necessary and im sure you will be made welcome . Under the current climate where we are loosing flying sites at an alarming rate Pophams enthusiasm to offer such an opportunity is rare indeed , especially there financial support to such a venture. We would welcome both a static and a flying display over the 2 days and there will be opportunities to fun fly in the evenings. Being a 2 day event we can welcome all those interested in flying and hopefully will be able to demonstrate the full specktrum of model flying. If there are any questions or additional details that need to be clarified then please let me know . Thanks again for interest, look forward to your reply - best regards Tony Butterworth

If interested please contact Tony through Southern Area BMFA.

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