Jet Legend L39 advise please

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Jet Legend L39 advise please

Postby stevewhite » Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:10 pm

I have finally got my PNP Jet Legend L39 after nearly two years waiting.
Has anyone on the forum got the PNP version as I have a few reservations with the way things have come from the factory.
I was wondering if you have one, did you make any upgrades or change anything.
My main concern is the elevators are both driven by one servo, although there is a uncut hatch which was meant for a second servo.
The elevators are actuated by a single rod with a clamp for connection to the servo, which means cutting the rod to separate it into two and adding another clamp, dosn't look easy.
The front hatch's have no way of securing shut and rely on a ram each. The problem is the ram is not connected to the air system and only acts as a stay when the hatch's are open, I cant see this being enough to keep the hatch's shut in flight.
The nav lights on the wing fuel pods don't work I have traced it back to the LEDs but can't access them as there is not a hatch and they are moulded in to the pods.
Several of the rods connecting the servos to the ball links have been threaded on at an angle in order to line up with the servo arms, I am thinking of changing them all to carbon rods and metal ball links, any thoughts ?
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