Jr 28x users, a heads up!

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Jr 28x users, a heads up!

Postby David Gladwin » Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:35 pm

I lost a jet today, my PST Panther on its first flight, total loss.

C of G and control throws were meticulously checked, all good.

After take off I retracted the flaps, the model became uncontrollable, I thought I reselected t/ o flap but MAY have selected full flap.

On preflight independent control check I had found that one flap was reversed, this was corrected on X bus and all looked good.

When starting for flight all looked good, flap angle at T/O setting was correct.

After takie off flap was selected up and the model became uncontrollable.

As c of G and control throws were as manual, my conclusion is that after correcting flap travel on X bus I had failed to press SET, which STORES the setting so that when selecting flap UP one flap retracted and the other went to land setting.

The assymmetry entry made the jet uncontrollable, resulting in the crash.

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