Wing and tail plane incidences on "Next " jet

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Wing and tail plane incidences on "Next " jet

Postby stevewhite » Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:22 pm

Can anyone tell me if the incidence settings for tail plane and wing need to be measured from the datum line or is it not critical.

I have had to check on a jet with trim problems, and have set the tail plane to 0 degs, and wing to plus 1 degs but dont know what the relationship between the tail plane and datum line is as i have no drawings, and im not sure if its relavent.

I have checked the incidence as originally built, and with the tail plane at 0 degs the wing was at minus 1 degs.

I have now re set the tail plane so when its at 0 degs the wing is at plus 1 degs with no idea as to the relationship to the original datum line, dos this matter?


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