For Sale, Boomerang Elan Airframe + Parts

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Vince Raia
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For Sale, Boomerang Elan Airframe + Parts

Postby Vince Raia » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:22 pm

I have a complete Boomerang Elan Airframe, with a new spare cockpit canopy, and a spare pair of wings (different scheme) with minor damage, that I bought for spares. The airframe was originally in the sports scheme but the person I got it from some years ago, had painted it, although it had not been damaged, it had too much paint on it, making it a bit heavy, It has been 3/4 stripped but needs finishing & painting, unfortunately, I don't currently have a workshop to work in, and what with our great weather! :cry: So seeing if anybody is interested in it.

The airframe and parts stand me in £600, so looking to retrieve my money. The airframe also comes with it's original set if wing, tailplane and boom bags. I bought a S/H set of retracts, oleos and wheels, that cost me £300, (bearing in mind they were £600 for a new set)
I also have a Jetcat P80 turbine I bought for it, which I paid £650 for but would take a bit less for it, say £550. (The only thing I don't have is the GSU, as I didn't get one with it :| I borrowed a friends to check & take photo.)
I do also have all the parts needed to complete, such as a Powerbox Evo, Tank, UAT, Brake & retract valves etc.

If your interested in a project of a great classic model, give me a call on: 07917 481066 S.E. London
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Vince Raia
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Re: For Sale, Boomerang Elan Airframe + Parts

Postby Vince Raia » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:13 am

I am selling the turbine separate if anyone wants a cheap starter turbine, it's all complete apart from the GSU which I didn't get with it when I bought it ( :| ) I borrowed a friends GSU to check the hours, although showing 29hrs on the ECU I was told that it had been recently serviced and upgraded to the version 6 ECU but I believe I am right in saying, that the older turbines had the hours stored on the ECU and not the turbine? anyway, willing to sell for £550, my mobile number is on the main ad.

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