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    Dave Wikshere Chaiman

    Dave Wilshere – Chairman

    Dave is well known to most on the UK jet scene as a very pro-active jet builder and flier. Always to be found at jet events in the UK flying a host of jets, his own and other peoples. An engineer by profession, Dave now plays with models full-time as Managing Director of Motors & Rotors.


    His modelling interest goes way back to the early 70s when he started flying a Graupner Dandy glider - controlled by a Reed set! All sorts of fixed wing and helicopters followed (he won lots of comps flying helis) His first taste of jet flying came via electric jets, and later with a gas turbine powered Graupner Hotspot. Dave’s built too many jets to mention, but the fleet grows yearly. Dave lives in Watford with his wife Morag and three children.

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    Roger Kilbey  Secretary

    Roger Kilbey – Secretary

    Like many modellers, Roger's career in model flying was sparked way back by his interest in building and flying control-liners, although his interest veered off for 30 years or so into the sphere of motor cycle racing, at which he achieved a fair amount of success!
    Being an engineer (he runs his own computer network installation business) the technology associated with jet models and the thought of flying jets prompted Roger's return to modelling back in the late 90s and he started jet flying using his own-built Wren MW-54 and Delta 2000 model.
    and then through the adrenaline rush of a couple of Yellow Aircraft Stingrays before going the scale route and a superb F-18, complete with all the complexity of its landing gear and gear doors!
    Supported throughout by wife Sue, Roger is based in Cheltenham and, in common with many jet modellers in the South, spends most of his jet flying time at Wroughton airfield, where he is very active in helping newcomers to, not just the jet scene, but any branch of our hobby.

    Steve Roberts Treasurer

    Steve Roberts– Treasurer
    Starting out aeromodelling at the age of 8 after spotting a Flair Attila at a BBQ and bugging the owner and family friend for a go Steve has never looked back. His first model was a Precedent Hi-boy which was quickly wrecked! Being taught to fly by several of his fathers friends, Steve progressed quickly onto a Mick Reeves Gangster and later the classic Wot 4.
    Helicopters soon took over Steve's modelling time and he still flies today at an international level as part of the British F3C helicopter team finishing as high as 12th at world championship level.
    Steve's first jet was a Savex L-39 powered by a Wren 44. With several jets now in the fleet Steve could be classed as 'obsessed'! Attending as many jet meets as he can, Steve also likes to compete at the Formation Jet Masters along with our chairman.
    Having worked in the modelling industry since leaving university Steve's current employer is MacGregor Industries with whom he deals with trade and retail sales along with product development.


    David Tappin - Safety Advisor Representative

    David Tappin - Safety Advisor Representative

    An aeronautical engineer by training but ending up with own company designing, manufacturing and marketing safety and efficiency equipment for the construction industry.  Sold up for early retirement in 1996 with the intention of devoting the rest of life to family, aeromodelling, jazz and travel.  An aim towards which I am still working.

    An aeromodeller from the age of 12, having had a serious go at everything other than control-line speed in the intervening 60 years.  Finding, in recent years, that the older I got the better I used to fly  the competitive lust has been sublimated into judging.  For F3A since the early 1980’S and jets since being invited by the IJMC to judge at the 1st Jet World Masters at Nu Ulm in Germany in 1995.  From 1998 to 2003 was UK Team Manager for F3A, an appointment which I look back on as a mixed blessing; an exceptional experience combining, as it does, holder of poisoned chalice, national pride, unfulfilled promise and world travel (and jazz because the WC in Pensacola, Florida in 1999 provided me with the opportunity to visit New Orleans).

    A great deal of my time is now taken up with my role as IJMC Boardmember with responsibility as Judge Representative.  This goes a bit further than sitting in the best seat in the house, in extremes of heat and cold, for a week once every two years.  Being involved in the organisation of such an event entails quite a lot of work, spread over the two years between events, including the preparation for and conduct of judge training and selection.  The judges themselves also have to make a considerable (and unpaid) commitment to this because the IJMC insists on using only IJMC trained and approved judges at the JWM.  Currently preparing for the World Jet Team Cup in Hungary (Sept 5th - 7th 2008) and the 9th Jet World Masters in Israel in June 2009.

    Now, owning one of the Rookie Boomerangs, actually getting into the joys and complexities of operating a jet.I am honoured to be taking Tom Wilkinson's place on the JMA committee, representing both the IJMC and the JMA on the BMFA’s R/C Power Technical Committee, and only hope I can live up to the expectation created by his efforts in the past.

    Duncan McClure–BMFA / Membership Liaison Officer

    Duncan has been an active modeller for over 47 years and enjoys participation in many aspects of our sport. Like many of us he started off flying control line and free flight and then moved to RC, starting with a home built single channel radio. He currently flys power sport, scale and aerobatics, glider (both slope and thermal), helicopters and of course gas turbines, which he has been flying since 1998.

    As many of you will know, Duncan has been heavily involved with the BMFA, most notably the Achievement Scheme, for some time. He became a Club Examiner in 1982, an Area Chief Examiner in 2000 and is currently an Area Chief Examiner and Instructor in all three disciplines. He is also the joint Vice Chairman of the Royal Aero Club, the BMFA South Midland Area Chairman and Delegate and the secretary of the Achievement Scheme Review Committee (ASRC). In 2013 he became the Achievement Scheme National Controller. He is currently working with the BMFA, the CAA and DfT on the registration and competency requirements of CAP 1687.

    Duncan also flys full size and hold a Private Pilots Licence (PPL A) with IMC and night ratings. He has a share in a Piper Cherokee based at a local airfield and he says that he finds full-size experience invaluable for model flying, particularly in relation to safety and training.
    Duncan worked for several years as a part time fixed wing flying instructor for ATS and the RC Hotel in Corfu.

    Duncan retired in 2015, but for 40 years he worked as a radiation instrumentation physicist for the government, working on notable incidents such as Chernobyl, the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with radioactive Polonium in 2006 and latterly working with the Home Office on radiation related counter terrorism initiatives.

    Duncan says, “To me turbine flying represents the pinnacle of our sport, and I just love the challenge of building, maintaining and operating complex airframes with state-of-the-art structures, systems and engines. Even more pleasurable is the camaraderie I’ve experienced amongst turbine flyers and JMA members in particular. Hence the reason I’m happy to devote some of my time to help run the association”.